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Bike Parking Solutions

Not all bike parking is created equal. IndyCog can help you find the right solution to meet your needs.


We are more than avid cyclists at IndyCog, it is our mission to promote bicycling as a safe and viable means of transportation and recreation in Indianapolis. We know the challenges and frustrations people face when trying to find secure bike parking because we hear about it all of the time. We make recommendations that cyclists appreciate. Space limitations, user demands, surface types, security needs, concerns about appearance, and budgets all play a factor in selecting the right bike parking. IndyCog has over 5 years of experience advocating for better bicycling in Indianapolis.

IndyCog helps you navigate Indianapolis' bike parking standards and permits, recommends quality bike racks to best meet your needs, and offers free site-visits to make sure it's done right. IndyCog has teamed up with Dero Bike Racks in this effort. Dero has been supplying innovative, high quality, thoughtfully designed bike parking and bicycle transit solutions to architects, contractors, municipalities, higher education, and parks and recreation departments since 1995. Together we offer exceptional customer service, quick turn-around for quotes and invoices, and free CAD layouts. All bike parking sales benefit IndyCog's bike advocacy efforts.

Below are some popular choices to help get you started. Dero offers a wide range of styles and finishes, including custom racks to meet your budget and taste. If you need more information or are ready to place an order let us know.

Contact Kevin Whited at email or 317.663.3423 to learn more.

Hoop Rack

Simple Security
The Hoop Rack is a proven design that provides high security and easy bike parking. The Hoop Rack uses thick pipe construction and the full radius of the bend makes the Hoop an attractive and functional bike rack. There's a Heavy Duty version too for added security.

Simple Stability
The Hoop Rack supports the bicycle at two points and allows for the wheel and frame to be secured using a u-style bike lock. Each Hoop Rack parks two bikes.


Swerve Rack

Simple Security
The Swerve Rack is a proven design that provides high security and easy bike parking. The Swerve Rack uses thick pipe construction and the full radius of the bend makes the Swerve an attractive and functional bike rack.

Simple Stability
The Swerve Rack supports the bicycle at two points and allows for the wheel and frame to be secured using a u-style bike lock. Each Swerve Rack parks two bikes.


Bike Hitch

Sidewalk Friendly
The Bike Hitch is an attractive and space efficient bike rack. The Bike Hitch was specifically designed for sidewalks and other narrow space applications. The design of this bicycle rack restricts bikes to parking parallel with the rack, so bikes won't intrude into the sidewalk or street.

Secure Bike Parking
The Bike Hitch uses thick tube construction and the full radius bend of the ring makes it almost impossible to cut with a pipe cutter. It allows for the wheels and the frame to be secured using a u-style bike lock. 



Downtown Rack

Security Is So Square
The Downtown Rack uses thick, square-tube construction that can't be cut with a pipe cutter. The extended width of the Downtown Rack makes for easy bike parking by giving the bike full support and multiple locking points for a u-style bike lock. The elegant yet simple style lends itself to notable properties.

Break-a-way nuts or concrete spike anti-theft hardware options are included with the Downtown Rack.


Campus Rack

Great Support
The Campus Rack provide you with superior bike support, orderly bicycle parking and high security.

Orderly Bike Parking
The design of this bike rack supports the frame of the bike while keeping the fork from twisting. The result is convenient, orderly bike parking.

Size it Up
The Campus Rack is available in single or double sided models in various lengths. The single sided model is ideal for sidewalk placement, while the double sided model staggers bikes opposite from each other for greater space efficiency. The Campus Rack will also accommodate scooters.


Ultra Space Saver

Double Capacity
The Ultra Space Saver provides easy and ample space for u-lock security on nearly any bike, including bikes with fenders.

Thanks to design enhancements, the double-sided Ultra Space Saver parks more than double the capacity of a standard bike rack.

Modular Construction
The Ultra Space Saver is an easy to install, modular system. It can be made to fit in nearly any space. Options include: wall-mount, floor-mount, and double-sided. It's the perfect solution for a new bike room.



Today's Service Station
You are riding home from work when you notice your bike needs some adjusting. The bike shop is closed and out of your way, so now what? Fixit to the rescue!

The Fixit includes all the tools necessary to perform basic repairs and maintenance, from changing a flat to adjusting brakes and derailleurs. The tools and air pump are securely attached to the stand with stainless steel cables and tamper-proof fasteners. Hanging the bike from the hanger arms allows the pedals and wheels to spin freely while making adjustments. Few things say, "we love bikes" more than a Fixit.



Your Design, your Bike Rack!
Got an idea for a great bike rack? Send us a rough sketch on a napkin, a logo, or just an idea - and we will work with you to turn your concept into a fully functional piece of street art.

If you want to see more options check out the Dero site