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 May is National Bike Month and in Indianapolis, Bike Month kicks off with "2 Wheels 1 City" which is held the 1st Saturday in May. "2 Wheels 1 City" is unique to Indianapolis and can only be described as a celebration of bicycling in the Circle City. INDYCOG & Sun King Brewing Co. invite local bicycle shops, bicycle clubs and organizations, and any other bicycle related business to host a table, where they can sell their wears, educate people about their organization's or whatever else they would like to do. In short, 2 Wheels 1 City is a day of bicycle related events, music and fun! The proceeds from this event help raise money for INDYCOG & Freewheelin' Community Bikes.

Bike to Work Day is always held the 3rd Friday in May and is a national event that is held in cities all over the U.S.

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2 Wheels, 1 City from jeremy albert on Vimeo.


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