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Indianapolis has made great strides in cycling over the past several years, both on the policy side, as well as the physical infrastructure placed throughout the city. In November, we are set to elect a new mayor to lead our city, in addition to numerous city/county councilors. How these changes within city politics will impact cycling remains to be seen. IndyCog is keeping a close eye on this election and is happy to present our I LIKE BIKE campaign.

Through this campaign and via outreach to candidates IndyCog will work to provide information about the importance of cycling to not only all candidates running in the mayoral and city/county council elections, but we'll also provide educational opportunities to Indy voters like you-after all: We Bike. We Vote.

Candidate Questionnaires
IndyCog has collaborated with other local groups interested in promoting cycling to develop questionnaires for the mayoral candidates to answer relating to cycling. Copies of these questionnaires may be found HERE. These questionnaires were sent to the candidates on September 15, 2015. We will post the responses of these questionnaires when they are returned. 

Mayoral Responses 

Whose My Councillor?

More on Candidates

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Sign The I Like Bike Petition!
Make sure the candidates know you support cycling in Indianapolis. Sign the I Like Bike Petition today and share the link with your friends and family. We will forward the results of the petition to the candidates prior to the November 3, 2015 elections.


Learn About the Benefits of Cycling And A Bicycle Friendly Community
Want learn about the benefits that cycling can provide? Whether you are a candidate in the upcoming election, or a voter who wants to be fully informed, the following links are a great place to start. Indianapolis has installed over 50 miles of bike lanes, expanded existing Greenways and pathways, and seen the construction of mountain bike trails at Southwestway Park in the past 8 years. In that same time period, Indianapolis' overall ridership has increased and Indianapolis was named a bicycle friendly city in 2010. Encouraging bicycling for recreation and general commuting can provide numerous economic and health benefits to the city and its population. Take a moment to review the following reports and articles detailing how bicycling can impact a community:

1. 13 Reasons You Should Start Biking To Work,, (accessed 9/16/2015)
"[Bike commuting] can be a very effective cardiovascular benefit," says Lisa Callahan, MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. "If you're overweight and start an exercise program, sometimes it's harder on your joints because you are overweight ... so something like swimming or biking that's not pounding on the joints can be a good thing."

2. Bicycling Means Business: The Economic Benefits of Bicycle Infrastructure, (accessed 8/26/15)
"Regions that have invested in bicycling have seen tangible economic impacts. Studies show that the bicycle industry, bicycle tourism, and the health benefits from bicycling create jobs, economic activity, and cost savings."

3. Protected Bikes Lanes Mean Business, (accessed 8/26/15).
"By choosing locations with good bike access, employers offer their workers the preventative medicine of daily exercise, conveniently bundled into the trip to work. Building physical activity into a daily commute lengthens lives, strengthens bodies and makes people the best workers they can be: happy, fully alive and ready to start a productive day."

4. For additional reports and statistics on the benefits of protected bike lanes, visit

I Like Bike Supporters
IndyCog is not the only local nonprofit that supports the expansion of cycling in Indianapolis. Special thanks to our partner organizations who support the I Like Bike campaign: Bicycle Indiana, Hoosier Mountain Bike Association, Freewheelin', CIBA, Green Broad Ripple, Indy Bike Polo, and Athenaeum Foundation.