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News / 2009 / August / Another race by Dano, somewhat impromptu
August 10, 2009
Another race by Dano, somewhat impromptu
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raceOur friend, Dano, is pitchin' another race. No name or anything. Just a picture of a skyline and some standard info. And, it's coming up quick--as in, this Friday. They're meeting at Pan Am at 6:30 p.m. and hauling ass from there.

The last race she put on was super fun, at least the first leg of it, since I blew out my back tire about 200 yards from the first check point. But, I heard nothing but the awesome from all of the other riders. That race was a simple snatch-and-go format, with no hoops to jump through or anything at the checkpoints. Not sure if this is going to be a similar format, but considering the traffic that will be in full effect with the Colts game that night, I imagine it's going to be pretty hectic.