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News / 2009 / August / Major Taylor historical marker!
August 17, 2009
Major Taylor historical marker!
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A really fantastic piece on Major Taylor by Daniel Lee over at IndyStar:

As a child, Karen Donovan was fascinated by the story and accomplishments of her great-grandfather, Indianapolis native Marshall "Major" Taylor.

She'd spend hours talking with Sydney Taylor Brown -- her grandmother and Taylor's only child -- about how the African-American bicycle racer overcame intense racism to become a world champion in 1899.

On Thursday, Donovan and her two teenage sons were in Indianapolis at the site where Taylor was banned from a racetrack for setting a record. The occasion was the unveiling of a new state historical marker to honor Taylor's accomplishments as a cyclist and as someone who battled unfairness and racism.
Full story here, including some great bio info on Major.

I really wish I'd have known about this so I could have posted it and tried to get more people there, and well, so I could have gone as well. Major Taylor lead such a fascinating, albeit tragic life, and it's sad that if you ask anyone on the streets of Indy if they know of him, you'd probably hear a resounding, "Who?"

For those reading here also asking, "Who?", not only should you feel ashamed, but you should also check out the Major Taylor Association page on him. Even if you're not asking "Who?" check it out. I imagine you'll learn something new.