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News / 2009 / August / Oh. Hello, Autumn.
August 24, 2009
Oh. Hello, Autumn.
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Brisk ride to work this morning! I actually had to break out the wool jersey, and found myself thinking about a pair of leg warmers.

I have a pair of thermal bibs , but it wasn't quite cold enough for those. My friend Debra has always said that if you start a ride warm, you're wearing too much, but when I got to work and and still wasn't completely warmed through, I was forced to realize that my khaki knickers weren't quite enough. Evidently, autumn is almost here, and I need something for the spring/fall months when it's not quite cold enough for my thick-of-winter gear.

So, I snagged a pair of Nashbar leg warmers on sale for $15 this morning. I'll let you all know how these work out. But, I thought I'd at least let you know about the sale, in case you were thinking the same thing when you got to work this morning.