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News / 2009 / November / Review: Monster Mash Monopoly Edition
November 2, 2009
Review: Monster Mash Monopoly Edition
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It was a cold dark night...

Cheryl and I showed up to the Veteran's Memorial Plaza just a shade after 7:30pm. Within the next hour 80+ race participants were signed up and ready to race. The turn out was quite stunning and definitely put excitement in the air. There was a short rule session with Q&A; and then the manifest packets were handed out. We were off.

This race in its entirety was a blast! The checkpoints were creative and the stunts people were pulling were hilarious. At one point we thought we were actually doing well, until we rolled up to a checkpoint where a certain cyclist was puking down his own bike shorts for a large sum of monopoly money. Instantly we knew we should step up our game, however we were easily outnumbered by completely insane people.

A feature that I’ve enjoyed in alleycats is the "Assassin" type characters. Rogue cyclists roaming the city.. if they catch you, you receive a penalty of some sort. I think this is a great equalizer and just a fun feature to have. Monster Mash implemented this with "Zombies." If a Zombie were to catch you, you had to visit a particular checkpoint to receive the "Antidote" which was simply the check point worker signing your manifest. Definitely a pain in the ass if it happens to you, and of course it did on our first stop... A bit disheartening considering the zombie was basically hanging out at the entrance of the hotel. Yeah, I complained.

The second thing I noticed was that the checkpoints were a little far apart, at least for an alley cat that was supposedly designed to be for "everyone." At one point we were sent on a rush from Illinois & Washington to 21st & Pennsylvania. Originally each delivery had a 30-minute time allotment, and a rush was 15 minutes. A last minute rule change put the rush at 5 minutes. It was virtually impossible to travel 2 miles in 5 minutes, especially when you were starting at the 9th floor of a hotel.

Neither of these issues were really deal breakers though. This race was very well organized and all of the checkpoint workers were very helpful.

Monster Mash Monopoly Edition was easily the best and most successful alleycat to date in Indianapolis. As far as I'm concerned, the standard has been set. I greatly look forward to future races.

Great work!

An Unabridged Edition - Monster Mash Monopoly Edition
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