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July 6, 2011
Urban Indy: Shelby Street Bike Track under construction
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I inquired to Molly Deuberry at DPW and she sent me pages of data on the project. In looking at the plans for the lanes (click to open .pdf), innovative practices are evident. 2 way (or Contra-flow) bicycle right of way, 12 foot wide right of way (for both lanes) in some places (normally 10 feet), as well as what appears to be a glut of unique wayfinding signage to indicate the Cultural Trail as well as the Pleasant Run Trail, are just some of the new features Indianapolis cyclists will be subjected to once this project is completed by November; the lanes themselves may be open sooner.
Shelby St Cross Section (image credit: Indy DPW)Shelby St Cross Section (image credit: Indy DPW)
The Rebuild Indyproject has repaved a lot of downtown’s streets over the past year. Notably absent in restriping efforts have been bike lanes on Michigan and New York. Furthermore, a huge opportunity to place painted bike boxes that give cyclists priority and also make the street safer for them could be implemented at key intersections such as New York & West Street or Michigan & West Street. The Shelby Ave bike track shows that the city is willing to design & build innovative bicycling infrastructure, so it makes me wonder, will the city take the Rebuild Indy opportunity to do that in other places like Michigan & New York? Only time will tell.
Shelby St Paint Detail (imge credit: Indy DPW)Shelby St Paint Detail (imge credit: Indy DPW)
In conclusion, I think while Indianapolis is taking great strides to improve cycling facilities for residents, there are places that could be greatly improved for very little amounts of money and political capital. The Cultural Trail is arguably one of the most innovative cycling projects in the country and Mayor Ballard’s commitment to adding bike lanes is admirable. However, where are the bike boxes? Why aren’t we seeing more bollard separated lanes? There are places where some of these improvements could be cheap to do and would create a much safer area for local cyclists, and by extension, drive more wide spread usage. As I started the post with, Chicago’s new mayor has already taken great strides in a short amount of time. Will Indy be playing catch up to Chicago in terms of innovative cycling infrastructure? Original Article by Curt Ailes.
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I'm really happy to see the bike lanes on the street, I love the cultural trail but it's really hard to navigate when pedestrians ignore the signs and clutter the bike path while avoiding the ped path.
GarfieldJenny August 01, 2011
The South Side needs all the help it can get to accommodate cyclists. I live near Southern Plaza and would love to bike to town, but even though it is relatively close to downtown it also feel very dangerous.
John July 17, 2011
I keep looking for any sign of progress on the stretch north of Prospect.

I just don't see it.
SouthsideJohnny July 07, 2011