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News / 2016 / March / 7 Things EMTs Wish You Knew about Bike Crashes
March 29, 2016
7 Things EMTs Wish You Knew about Bike Crashes
by Oran Sands   |   0 COMMENTS


No matter how good a rider you are, accidents happen-and quickly. But with a little knowledge and a few precautions, you can keep a bad situation from getting worse, says Greg Martin, an engineer firefighter and advanced EMT who provides emergency medical assistance and performs backcountry rescues in Ketchum, Idaho.

"Cyclists get used to riding all day and things being fine," he says. "It's easy to forget sometimes that we're traveling pretty fast and pretty far and a little mishap can end up being a big problem. A little knowledge and precaution goes a long way in keeping you safe in the event of an accident."


Take Care of Your Head:

Take a Deep Breath:

Give Yourself a Gut Check:

Be Smart About Your Spine:

Make Your Personal Info Accessible:

Leave a Note, or a Text:


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