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Petition to extend the Monon Trail hours

Indianapolis Bike CampaignsThank you for supporting the extension of Monon hours.  We collected over 1,100 signatures!

The Monon is used for bike commuting and INDYCOG feels that by extending the hours of use, more bicyclists will:

1. Use the trail to commute to work

2. Use the new bicycle commuter facility located downtown

3. Make the trail safer by increasing the users & therefore having more "eyes on the street"

Thesis: While we (bicyclists) would like to see lights installed on the trail, we don't feel that it is necessary at this time because per state & local law, all bicycles should be equipped with lights. We also feel that using the Monon no matter what time of day or night increases our overall safety by decreasing the probability of being involved in a crash with a motor vehicle or the victim of a violent crime while using adjacent roadways.