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INDYCOG's mission is to create more bike riders in Indianapolis. This requires streets that are safe and fun for everyone. We accomplish that mission in three major ways:

INDYCOG envisions bicycling as a preferred mode of transportation and recreation in the City of Indianapolis. Our collaborations with local businesses, nonprofit organizations and local government create a network of bicycle infrastructure that is safe, convenient and enjoyable for the whole community.


We work with city officials and other organizations to ensure that our public facilities are bicycle friendly. This includes bike lanes, bike trails, and even bike parking.


We help to educate riders on safe cycling techniques and good road sharing manners. We also will work with drivers to help them learn to be more bicycle friendly drivers. Our long standing signature activity in this area has been the Riders in the Know program. We will be expanding this outreach to new and returning riders in the near future, with additional outreach to motorized vehicle drivers.


We use the term "bike activation" to describe how we help to provide destinations for riders. Commuters already know their destination. For other riders it's nice to have someone plan an activity every now and then. IndyCog will work with local businesses and other community organizations to create opportunities for riders to cycle safely to a fun destination event. 2017 events included:

  • Sun King Bike to the Ballpark on April 6th
  • National Bike to Work day on May 19th
  • Bike to the 500, on May 28th
  • Monumental Yoga, on June 21st
  • Ride & Seek, with the Indiana Historical Society, on July 23rd
  • Bike to the Mike, with Indy Eleven, on August 26th
  • Whole Foods to Whole Foods Ride in September
  • Tweed Ride, on October 28th
  • and several that are still in planning stages.

 In support of all three of these goals, we produce the Indianapolis Ride Guide, a map of bike-friendly routes in the city, and work with various city planning departments to keep it updated and provide input on the safest and most-needed bike lanes and trails.

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March 11, 2018
Canal Tow Path closed for the rest of the year