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News / 2009 / July / City Planners Need Your Input
July 17, 2009
City Planners Need Your Input
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From the BGI e-mail newsletter:

Want to see more development for bicycling in the Northeast Indy area? Here's your chance to share your thoughts and ideas! A transit stop at 71st St. and Binford Blvd. is being considered as part of a light rail system. There is a study going on which will help shape the development of this area, whether it will just be a transit stop or more of a village atmosphere, and what amenities it will have. If you want the ability to bike to the transit stop, you'll need bike-friendly streets in the area and bicycle parking.

The best way to help, if you want to see bicycling included in the project, is to attend the upcoming focus group meeting. Let's make it cycling-friendly while the project is in the development stage. The project team will be holding Focus Group Meetings throughout the day on Tuesday, July 21, at Divine Savior Church. 7315 E. 75th St., Indianapolis.
Click here for more details and schedule of focus groups.
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