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News / 2009 / July / SEND - SouthEastern Neighborhood Development
July 30, 2009
SEND - SouthEastern Neighborhood Development
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A co-worker pal of mine, Jeff Miller, was talking to me the other day about the SouthEast Neighorhood Development organization and their impact on the development of the Cultural Trail to Fountain Square and connecting it to the Pleasant Run Trail via lanes on Shelby Street.

Because I'm a huge nerd about this stuff, I asked him to send me a link about their plans, and figured it's definitely worth a post about it, especially considering that I'd never heard of SEND. Not sure if Ben has, though I imagine so since he lives in Fountain Square.

At any rate, they have a public space plan detailed at the site that outlines what they hope to achieve in regards to bike and pedestrianism, and other sections of the site describe what they've already done and are currently doing for southeast Indy.

Looks like they're doing some really awesome stuff for the community. Thanks for the info, Jeff, and keep up the good work there.