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News / 2011 / February / Complete Streets Sign-On Letter
February 14, 2011
Complete Streets Sign-On Letter
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Complete streets  is important legislation in regards to ensuring cyclists are included in road design.  For that reason, INDYCOG supports a statewide complete streets bill that would require INDOT to not only design for the automobile but for all transportation users (i.e. pedestrians, bicyclists, & transit).

View the sign-on letter.

Keith/All Members,

Sorry, we were little vague on this posting. We wanted to notify our members, fellow cyclists. and blog readers, what we've been up to with Health by Design (HbD) and legislation in general. So everyone knows, Health by Design( is a coalition based organization, and in that respect, members are individuals representing their greater organization. On a side note, they do welcome individuals to their meetings and such, but that is another story. We were asked, as one of their partner organizations to sign on to this letter and so we did. sorry for any confusion this post may have caused.

What is happening now with HB1354. It appears Rep. Soliday never allowed the Complete Streets bill to be heard in committee. That means the bill "died" there and it will never go to the full house to be voted on. Procedures are how some bills are won and lost. Apparently, Soliday is upset with the MPO in his district and this is his way of getting back at them. He has also proposed legislation that would have a neutralizing effect on all the state MPO's. It has been rumored that the bill was written by INDOT and they got Soliday to be their lackey. INDOT is upset with several MPO's around the state because they have passed local Complete Streets rules and they are especially upset with Bloomington for not even recognizing the proposed I-69 highway in their Long Range Transportation Plan. Sorry for boring you but the devil is in the details.
Kevin Whited February 16, 2011
Just out of curiosity, are you posting this so that we are aware of what legislative measures INDYCOG is supporting or becoming involved in? I ask because there isn't anything that mentions what the typical INDYCOG reader can do to get involved in support of this letter.

In any event, thanks for posting the letter and for supporting Complete Streets.
keith February 15, 2011