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News / 2011 / January / Bicycle Indiana License Plate Update
January 10, 2011
Bicycle Indiana License Plate Update
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It’s finally here! Thanks to your support, drive and dedication, as of January 3, 2011, you can obtain your I Share The Road license plate from the BMV and proudly display your pedal passion even when you’re driving. To get your I Share The Road license plate you have three options: 1. Visit a BMV Branch 2.Call 1-888-692-6841 3.Go to If you order online, be sure to click the box marked “Allow BMV to share my information with this organization.” If ordering by phone or in person, let the BMV representative know you want to share your information. Order Today! Bicycle Indiana will give away an I Share the Road fleece beanie to the first person to send us a photo of their I Share the Road license plate on their car! E-mail your photo to
FYI: You can only get the plate if you renew your plates in 2011. BMV won't let you exchange your current plate from 2010 for this one (as they do with other plates). They say is because it is new.

For example, my plates renewed in December, and in order to get the Bicycle Indiana plate, I have to renew my plates through Dec 2012. In Januar the BMV told me I could exchange plates, their system says I could, I paid for the exchange, and now the BMV says I can't and is issuing a refund. (not that I am surprised by the BMV's confusion).
Richard February 01, 2011
I tried to reserve No. 666 but they said they will only reserve 1-100.
keith January 12, 2011