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October 23, 2011
Events This Week
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Tonight! (10/24) - An event from Median to discuss the interaction of cyclist and motorist is taking place at Herron School of Art & Design - Please RSVP!

Tomorrow (10/25) Freewheelin's Fall Friend-Raiser 5:15 to 6:15p

For those who are not morning people, we are having a fun fall Friend-Raiser with fun fall food and an opportunity to meet and greet some of our students and see our BIG NEW THING! No admission, but an opportunity - not an obligation - to give. This will be our last big bash for awhile. We plan to breathe! Register here!

Thursday (10/27) Health by Design Urban Planning Scholar Series - Housing + Transportation Affordability Index - How location efficiency and transportation options impact household costs and community livability.

Friday (10/28) Indy Cycle Specialist Zombie Ride! 

Saturday (10/29) Second Annual Tweed Ride! -- Pre-register here!

Halloween Havoc II - Bike Polo in Irvington


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Awesome collection you have great events.
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