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News / 2015 / December / Penn Street Separated Bike Lane Awareness Ride
December 3, 2015
Penn Street Separated Bike Lane Awareness Ride
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For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Kevin Whited,
Executive Director, IndyCog

Local Cycling Advocates Plan Ride to Show Bicyclists How to Navigate New Bike Lanes

Local bicycle advocacy group IndyCog will host a ride Friday, Dec. 4, to help local riders understand and navigate the new protected bike lanes on Pennsylvania Street.

The lane, which runs from Saint Clair to Washington Street, caused slight confusion while under construction because the signage and protective posts had yet to be installed. But that was rectified recently, when the final pieces are put in place. IndyCog Executive Director Kevin Whited said he expects there to be a very short learning curve with the new protected lane.

"Many people on bicycles feel uncomfortable riding in traffic, so the new protected lane is a great way for them to feel safer," Whited said. "Whenever the city adds a new piece of cycling infrastructure, it takes many drivers a bit of time to adjust. The best advice is to slow down, stay alert, and drive with caution - three things drivers should already be doing."

To speed along the learning process, IndyCog will hold a short, pre-work ride on Friday. Riders will meet at the central Indianapolis Public Library, 40 E. St. Clair St., at 8 a.m., and then ride the 1 mile to Washington Street.

The protected bike lane is among the first in the city, but won't be the last. Indianapolis is in the process of adding additional protected bike lanes on New York and Michigan Streets.

About IndyCog

IndyCog is a bicycle advocacy non-profit organization working to increase the number of people riding bicycles, improve traffic safety, develop bicycle favorable public policy and advocate for world class bicycle facilities in Indianapolis. IndyCog's mission is to promote bicycling as a safe and viable means of transportation and recreation in Indianapolis.


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