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News / 2016 / August / How To Use A Bike Box
August 23, 2016
How To Use A Bike Box
by Ed Fujawa   |   0 COMMENTS


Figuring Out How To Use A Bike Box


Have you ever wondered what the large green box with a bicycle graphic is at the corner of New York and Delaware Streets? This is a unique type of bicycle infrastructure called a Bike Box. These boxes are typically found at intersections with bike lanes and are used to facilitate cyclists making a left had turn from a bike lane. The Bike Boxes work by allowing cyclists in a bike lane to move ahead of traffic during a red light and allowing the cyclists to be first in line to turn when the light turns green.

Confused on how Bike Boxes work? Well, the city of Edmonton, Canada has you covered. They produced the a video (featuring Lego figures!) which provides a great primer for how Bike Boxes work for cyclists and drivers alike.

Presently, Indianapolis has two Bike Boxes. The one at New York and Delaware is meant to help facilitate left turns onto Massachusetts Ave. The other is located at 73rd and Spring Mill Road and helps cyclists traveling east on 73rd to make a left turn onto Spring Mill northbound. Also, check out the comments to the video above for a video link demonstrating the use of a Two Stage Bike Box for making left turns. The video is from Seattle, but if Indy ever gets Two Stage bike boxes, you'll be ahead of the curve!

Lastly, if you want to know more of the technical side of Bike Boxes and their design and placement, check out the link below from the National Association of City Transportation Officials.


Ed Fujawa
IndyCog Board President