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Ever ride to a store/school//business/park and want to lock up your bike but can't because there is no rack? You're probably not the only one! As more people start to ride their bikes for errands and as transportation to dinner/breakfast/lunch it's becoming more of a nuisance than ever to find a place to park. Always feel free to mention to the manager that you'd visit more often and so would your friends if they only had a bike rack. At IndyCog we feel your pain (because it's ours as well) so we've started the Rack em Up Program. 

Rack em Up programs:

  • Meter ring installation on parking meters or parking number posts.
  • Bicycle parking consulting
  • Working with you, to get racks installed around Indy
  • Valet Bike Parking at events

How this Program Works:

Bicycle Parking Consulting

IndyCog will complete a site visit and work with you to determine the type of bike rack(s) and placement that will best fit your needs. Additionally, we can order you a rack and have it installed. To set-up a consultation time or learn more about this program, please fill out this form or contact Mark Finney via email or call 317.663.3423. 

Examples of various bike parking systems available through IndyCog. 


Meter Ring Installation

This program is brought to you by a collaboration between IndyCog, ParkIndy & BGI. It is a simple procedure, IndyCog is contacted by property owners or businesses who for $110 get a rack delivered and installed at the meter post of their choosing*. Please feel free to donate a rack or have one installed near your favorite location, you don't need to own a business to have a rack installed. Order a rack here

If you would like to donate money towards the bike parking program click here!

*the location will need to be approved by ParkIndy and the City of Indianapolis' Zoning Dept.

Cyclist Request

If you see a place that obviously would benefit from a bike rack, contact the owner/manager and then follow-up by filling out the form below. We'll contact them as well and get the ball rolling!
It's simple. Notice where bike racks should be, but aren't. Request bike racks at private businesses. Request bike racks here.

We're not intending to be the personal touch here, that's up to you. But we'll have your back. 

Event Valet Bike Parking

The logistics for planning for parking at medium and large events can be difficult so IndyCog, in partnership with Pedal & Park a program of Bicycle Indiana, have come up with a solution. Promote bicycling to the event and we can work with you to provide valet bike parking. What's valet bike parking you ask? Valet bike parking is just like it sounds. People ride their bike to an event stop near the front gate, drop off their bike and walk right in. Pedal and Park is a plug and play system, your organization hires IndyCog and we set-up, staff and tear down a secure bike parking corral where people can safely park their bikes when they're visiting your event. For more information and pricing, email IndyCog.


IndyCog is an authorized dealer of Dero bicycle racks.

The Rack em Up Program was made possible by generous donations from the following sponsors: