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Matthew McMichael
"I wanted to regain some of the freedom to move around without a car."
Vince Hernly
"More pleasant commute. Oh and, by the way, it's FUN."
Caroll Bilbrey
"It gets me to work, the coffee shop, and the pub."
Bob Burns
"Commute, exercise, fun."
Jessica Bischoff
Bike riding motivates me; I'm burning calories not fossil fuels. Plus, how else would I get to see the road kill up close!
Shane O'Donnell
I ride for many reasons because I ride for different purposes. When you are passionate about bicycles of all ages and types, it cannot be summed up by words alone.
Alicia Anino
Indy is a hidden gem of a city.
Matt Hygema
"No car. Gym is a mile away. Nuff said!"